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Burrows Attorneys has extensive expertise in providing tailor made collections and debt recovery offerings across a diverse range of products and collections.

We operate across all the Gauteng Divisions of the High Court as well as in various central Magistrate Court jurisdictions thereby obviating the need for correspondent attorneys.

Our coverage across critical fields of law in collections and debt recovery actions are extensive and covers all industries.  

Burrows Attorneys are on the panel of established firms, and we are acknowledged as a subject matter expert in the context of evaluating the enforceability of financial institution collateral in so far as mortgages, letters of suretyship, acknowledgements of debt and guarantees are concerned.

 Our fees are tailored specifically to our client’s needs which offer both tariff and contingency based options. 

Our services include;

  • Drafting Legal Letters and Notices, and Instituting Legal Processes
  • Analysing the Debtor’s Assets to establish the best approach to take
  • Arranging for Searches to be Conducted for a Missing Debtor
  • Enforcing Contractual Agreements and Judgments Granted in your favour