In what can only be called a coincidence, Burrows Attorneys has found itself with no fewer than 3 of its members being part of the Guide Dog Association of South Africa’s (“GDA”) puppy raising program. GDA is always looking for special people to give their puppies a happy puppyhood and through its Puppy Raising program one can foster a puppy for its first 16 – 18 months of the puppy’s life. As a Guide Dog puppy raiser, you are responsible for socialising, basic obedience training and caring for the puppy which is a time consuming but rewarding task.

Isabel, Levi and Vespa are all now honorable members of Burrows Attorneys, and we are proud of the great work they will ultimately do for our community.


(1 year 9 months) is the eldest of the three and has now progressed from the first phase of the program moving into formal training where she has been earmarked as a guide dog. She is a very happy and busy pup who loves attention from everyone at the office but is mainly found at the feet of our paralegal Andrea where she keeps herself busy by chewing a bone, wagging her tail at everyone who walks past and taking vital power naps through the day. 


(1 year 6 months) is the only male puppy being fostered by a member of our firm. He is the largest of the three and like Isabel has moved into the second stage of the program being formal training. However, unlike Isabel, Levi has been targeted as a service or autism support dog. This is due to his calm nature and the fact that he is constantly needing to be around people. At the office, Levi can be found near anyone who gives him the slightest bit of attention and is known to help carry lunchboxes and other items to and from the car.


(6 Months) is the youngest of the group. She is a friendly and energetic puppy who is still in her first phase of training. Vespa goes to weekly obedience classes where the basics are taught. She does not come to the office on a regular basis however when she is there she loves playing with her older cousins and enjoys the attention received by everyone around.

If you would like to know more about the GDA program and want to get involved, you can get in tough with the Guide Dog Association through its:



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