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We offer a full range of legal services to both corporate and individual clients in Southern Africa and the world.

Our Attorneys have the commercial expertise and practical skills to assist anyone who is affected by actual or pending insolvency proceedings. Whether you are an individual or a company suffering financial distress, or a creditor seeking to secure your finances, our knowledgeable professionals know the ropes well in this area of law and will provide top quality legal advice and representation in litigation. For those in financial distress, we will assess your situation thoroughly, explain the available options and offer advice on your optimal course of action. We will assist in negotiations with creditors, the drafting of financial restructuring proposals and ensure that you understand your rights and duties with regard to your creditors.

If you are a creditor yourself, we will determine how valid your securities are over the insolvent entity and assess your standing among the other possible creditors. We will assist in tracking and valuing your debtor’s assets and recommend the best means of ensuring full recovery of your finances.

Should informal attempts at settlement be unsuccessful, we will guide you in instituting insolvency proceedings and robustly defend your rights in a court of law, as creditor or insolvent debtor.